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Friday, July 15, 2011


Condiments, food seasonings. 薬味。Some condiments were used both as medicine and as food seasoning, therefore the name "yakumi" or "medicine taste." As in other cuisines, condiments are used in small quantities to enhance the taste of the food.

The most important condiments in the Japanese kitchen are:

1. Vegetable based
negi (finely chopped welsh onions), wakegi (autumn "spring" onion), asatsuki (chive), seri (water dropwort), mitsuba (trefoil), shiso (perilla leaves), myoga (Japanese ginger), kinome (young leaves of sansho), nira (Chinese chives), tade (water pepper), fukinoto (unopened bud of Japanese butterbur), tamanegi (onion), ninniku (garlic)

2. Root vegetable based
shoga (grated ginger), wasabi (Japanese horseradish), daikon-oroshi (grated radish), momiji-oroshi (grated radish and chili pepper)

3. Seaweed based

4. Spice based
togarashi (red pepper), shichimi-togarashi (mix of seven spices), karashi (Japanese hot mustard), shansho (Japanese pepper), kosho (black pepper)

5. Seed based
goma (sesame

6. Citrus fruit based
yuzu, kabosu, sudachi, daidai, chinpi (skin of citrus fruits)

7. Fish based
katsuobushi (dried, smoked, mold-cures bonito), chirimenjako (small young sardines)

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[Thanks to the Japanese Wikipedia article]